Hayride Country Music Show To Perform For Senior Citizens


Heritage Nursing Center in Haynesville and Presbyterian Village in Homer will be entertained by Don Mason and Dean Mathis once again. The Hayride Sunshine, Country Music and Old-time Rock n’ Roll Show will be visiting the area on Monday August 30th at 2 p.m. in Homer and 6 p.m. in Haynesville. The program will be presented to the Senior Citizens at no cost due to the support of local merchants who purchase advertising in the Show’s program.

During the year 1964 a group of harmony vocalists titled the Newbeats drew worldwide fame with their single titled Bread and Butter.
Working with a group of Nashville’s best songwriters and studio musicians the group toured with major artists like the Rolling Stones and were scheduled to perform for President Nixon at the Watergate Hotel.

Two of the group, Dean and Marc Mathis, were brothers one of which is part of the Hayride Sunshine Show. About a decade before Bread and Butter, Dean and Marc were touring with Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys and various other hit artists. The other entertainer in the Sunshine Show is Don Mason. Mason plays keyboard, sings and records.

Don first appeared in the Shreveport-Bossier area in 1977. The places he’s played include LeBossier, Earnest’s Supper Club, The Chateau, The Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn and just about every other nice place in the area.

In 1988 he opened his own nightclub, The Branch Office in the Airline Best Western in Bossier. Mr. Mason was there six nights a week for six years. Lately he’s been out playing the nice clubs and restaurants again.

All the residents anticipate the good music and good time that is coming their way, Monday August 30th at 2 p.m. in Homer and 6 p.m. in Haynesville.